Big Meas
Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist
Style: Lettering

Descenders, acsenders, swashes and x heights are the elements that script artists like to bend and twist to create those intricate word tattoos. This is the realm of Big Meas, an inventive lettering artist who has dedicated his talent to the art of tattooing.

His years of graffiti, pin striping and sign painting fed his interest and honed his skills for lettering. Now, years later, with delicate finesse and bold execution he has taken the relationship between words and lettering to a remarkable level. With a steady hand to deliver smooth, flowing strokes, Big Meas is a master at stretching a few black lines into a revealing expression of words and ink.

I like to look outside the tattoo world for inspiration … I want to take it in another direction.

Distinction Tattoo
3700 Wilmington Pike
Dayton, OH 45429