Every artist has a very specific preference for their tattoo ink. This is especially true for black ink. As the art of tattooing has evolved and expanded, so has our line-up of black tattoo ink options. Here is a comprehensive list defining our black ink differences. The list below is arranged by ink consistency — from our thinnest to our thickest black ink.

  1. Motor City Blackbird (MC01) – This jet black hue performs as an excellent lining and shading ink. The consistency is slightly thinner than our Lining Black (E01). This new ink formula provides a very neutral base when mixed or thinned. Considered by many artists as the perfect all-around black tattoo ink.
  2. Lining Black (E01) – This is Eternal Ink’s original lining black formula. A time-proven lining black.
  3. Marshall Bennett Lining Black (EMBG) – This lining black is mixed to Marshall Bennett's choice of consistency. 
  4. Jess Yen Ninja Black (JY01) – A rich black ink mixed to the consistency of Tebori tattoo ink. The Jess Yen ink set has grown quickly in popularity with tattoo artists of all tattoo styles. This ink goes in smooth with great color saturation.
  5. Big Meas Lining Black (EBMB) – We created this black with the input of leading script tattoo artist Big Meas. This black hue is formulated for tattoo artists who specialize in black lettering. Ink consistency is very smooth but slightly thicker than Eternal Ink’s Lining Black (E01).
  6.  M Series Perfect Black (MM17) – Mike DeVries and Mario Rosenau preferred a lining black with a consistency between our thinner Lining Black (E01) and our much thicker Triple Black (E02). Perfect black is half way between.
  7. Triple Black (E02) – Eternal Ink’s thickest black ink in our line-up. Consistency is perfect for packing black into large areas with excellent saturation.
  8. Big Meas Drop Shadow Black (EBMDS) – Not a true black, but a medium gray wash mixed specifically for drop shadows under lettering.