The production of counterfeit tattoo ink has dramatically increased worldwide. Because counterfeit ink is not produced to proper health standards, the true victims in this theft are the clients being tattooed. A variety of skin reactions including scarring, infections, blisters, and chemical burns are a few potential side effects. Counterfeit ink is NOT produced by reputable ink manufacturers or within a strictly controlled environment. Counterfeit ink operations have no moral or ethical guidelines. Their goal is to make money at anybody's expense.

The production of quality tattoo ink requires expensive and pure pigments to achieve the rich, saturated colors. These pigments must also fall within health guidelines to be used safely within the layers of skin. Counterfeit ink does not follow any guidelines or have concerns for the final user. Counterfeit ink has no reputation to protect. A counterfeiter will use any substance or chemical to create a bottle of look-a-like ink. Their objective is to imitate the appearance of the real product and make a sale.

Our staff at Eternal Ink works tirelessly to create inks that are amazing and COMPLETELY SAFE. We urge all tattoo artists to protect their reputations, their tattoo art and their clients by only purchasing tattoo ink directly from an authorized distributor.

The skin you save may be your client's.