Frank La Natra
Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist
Style: Illustrative Cartooning

Frank La Natra's artistry is filled with life, action, drama and that delicate moment when everything seems to be going out of control. In fact, La Natra is in full control of every aspect and nuance of his art. 
Highly skilled and inspired in all matters of illustration technique, La Natra has brought those talents to the art of tattooing. His art is a fusion of animation and fine art. He creates his work across all media using many approaches including his beloved non-photo blue pencil on paper, digital art, oil paints and most definitely, tattooing.

Focus on drawing and understanding basic shapes and perspective. They are the foundation that any great piece of art is built upon.

Into The Woods
138 N Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004

(954) 404-9536