News Release - Lyle Tuttle Limited Edition Set

AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 Lyle Tuttle and Eternal Ink celebrate Lyle's 70 Year Tattoo Legacy with a Limited Edition set of ten tattoo ink colors. This set is limited to only 500 hand-signed and numbered ink sets. Each set includes a fold-out brochure with notes and images from Lyle's historic tattoo collection gathered during his seven-decade carreer.
“These ten colors from Eternal Ink were chosen and named to honor people and the influential and meaningful parts of my life and 70 year career in tattooing. Little did I know that when I stepped across the threshold of that first tattoo shop in San Francisco that tattooing would take me to all seven continents to make my mark. Stay creative and adventurous!”
Lyle Tuttle
The Lyle Tuttle Limited Edition Set is available only as a 1 oz boxed set.

News Release - Kelly Doty Resurrection Set

Four Eternal Ink colors were killed-off in the color purge of 2016 ...  and we want to bring them back. We knew we needed help. And not the kind of help that you can get from just anyone. We needed the kind of help living in Salem, Mass. By someone trustworthy, highly skilled, mega-talented and willing to muck around with dead things. Kelly Doty stepped up to resurrect these four lost hues. Once known as New Moss, Light Cobalt, Amethyst and Silk Gray from the old Chukes’ set, each has been bestowed with a new name and a new life. The full set of colors include: Swamp Hag, Cold Hearted, Witch's Eye, and Corpse Paint. Full set of 4 colors is available in these sizes: 1/2 oz. | 1 oz. | 2 oz.

News Release - Bryan Sánchez M. Watercolor Ink Set

Bryan Sánchez M. has perfected a tattoo style that exhibits all the fluid grace of watercolor art. Working with Eternal Ink, Sánchez selected 12 extraordinary colors that smoothly transition from hue to hue without losing any of their bold, dynamic impact. Although each hue is based on an existing color, Eternal Ink has reformulated and mixed this set of inks to a thinner, more fluid watercolor consistency. The full set of colors include: Ruby Red, Tangerine, Cotton Candy, Light Purple, Exhaust, Snowflake, Bermuda Blue, Deep Sea, Turquoise Concentrate, Avocado, Solid Gold and Bright Orange.
Full set of 12 colors is available only in the 1 oz size.

News Release - Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Ink Set

Renowned tattoo artist, Mike DeVries, has pushed the art of tattoo realism to new levels. His keen sense of color and value brings six new tattoo inks to the Eternal Ink line. A pair of mauves, two dusty blues and two gray greens are directlty inspired by the turbulent hues of extreme weather. This is Mike DeVries Perfect Storm of color ... perfect for expanding and toning down a color palette and for capturing those subtle toned values of reality.
Six hues include: Haze, Tornado, Fog, Typhoon, Mist and Tsunami.
Full set of 6 colors is available in these sizes: 1/2 oz. | 1 oz. | 2 oz.

News Release - Artist's Palette Series

The Artist’s Palette series features several of the favorite Eternal Ink colors used by established and successful tattoo artists from around the world. This on-going series is created to highlight the talents and color choices of Eternal Ink artists. Every Artist’s Palette includes photos with color placement pinpointed on a finished tattoo. If you are looking for some insight on an artist’s color choices, check out the Artist’s Palette series!

The Artist’s Palette series featuring Dannii G is priced at $35 for five 1 oz bottles of Eternal Ink. This set includes Gangrene (EZ09), Caramel (E44), Lipstick Red (E41), Brown (E26) and Myke Chamber's True Gold (MY02).

The Artist’s Palette series featuring Dan Pemble is priced at $35 for five 1 oz bottles of Eternal Ink. This set includes Cool Light Gray (MM14), Clay Gray (EM11), Harvest Gold (CS24), Light Red (E06) and Rose Satin (EP09).

News Release - Turquoise Concentrate

Eternal Ink announces the release of Turquoise Concentrate! Tattoo artist Susannah Griggs suggested this hue and helped Eternal Ink's mixing department fine tune the exact color. This will be the 67th (E67) addition to our essential set of standard ink colors. Turquoise Concentrate is a transluscent ink perfect for deep, dark turquoise tinted blacks or dilute it with Keep It Wet to achieve a light turquoise range of values for smooth tranistions. All the Eternal Ink concentrates, (Green, Blue, Purple), and the new Turquoise concentrate mix perfectly with any of our Eternal Ink colors.
Available in four sizes: 1/2 oz: $4.75  |  1 oz: $8.75  |  2 oz: $15.50  |  4 oz: $27.00
Turquoise Concentrate will be available on June 21st.

News Release - Concentrate Ink Set

This four color ink set includes three long-time Eternal Ink favorites:  Blue Concentrate, Purple Concentrate, and Green Concentrate plus the NEW Turquoise Concentrate. These Concentrates mix perfectly with any of our Eternal Ink colors. Add this set to intensify your palette and make smooth saturated color transitions. Mix into your darks for extra rich tones and blend with other hues to increase depth and impact.
Full set of 4 colors is available in these sizes: 1/2 oz: $18  |  1 oz: $33  |  2 oz: $60
The Concentrate Ink Set will be available on June 21st.

News Release - Frank La Natra Atmospheric Backgrounds

Frank La Natra’s art is packed with action, drama and that delicate moment when everything seems about to fly out-of-control. However, La Natra is definitely in full control of every aspect and nuance of his art and brings that knowledge to his new Atmospheric Landscapes Signature Series from Eternal Ink. La Natra has organized five landscape types: Arctic, Woodlands, Desert, Rainforest, and Ocean. Each of these color groups captures the dominant hues associated with that environment. Each landscape set can be easily extended into additional values by combining their respective dark and light hue to create a series of mid tones. With the addition of La Natra’s Atmosheric Light, Medium or Dark, an artist can quickly desaturate any color to create flawless depth and perspective in a background environment. This 12-color ink set is available in ½ oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz individual bottles and sets. The Frank La Natra set will be available worldwide on May 1, 2017. To view the set, click HERE.

New Release - Motor City Ink Set

Eternal Ink announces the March 6, 2015 release of the new Motor City Ink Set at the Motor City Tattoo Expo. Eternal Ink has timed the release in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Motor City Tattoo Expo.

Detroit put a nation on wheels and rolled us through a lifetime of memories with summer days of chrome polish, pocket change for a burger and a few gallons of gas for cruising. Life wasn’t always easy, but a V8 would definitely make it fast and fun. Our Motor City ink set is a flashback to Detroit speed. Here are 12 tattoo hues inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint and all the reckless joys a fine ride can provide. The Motor City ink set is available in ½ oz., 1 oz., 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. The 1 oz. set is packaged in a commemorative carton.

To view the Motor City Ink Set, click HERE

New Packaging - Keep It Wet

Eternal Ink announces the release of new labels and bottles for the Keep It Wet product line. Look for the new labels and bottles to start shipping in November, 2014. The label graphics and white bottle are design changes to help differentiate the Keep It Wet product from the Eternal Ink tattoo ink bottles. 

Keep It Wet is a multipurpose additive formulated to prevent ink from drying too quickly while an artist is tattooing. Keep It Wet can be used as a thinning additive to achieve softer gradations. Keep It Wet will be available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. 

New Release - Jess Yen Signature Series

Eternal Ink announces the October 15, 2014 release of the new Jess Yen Signature Series. Jess Yen is a recognized master of the new school style of oriental art. Eternal Ink worked with Master Yen to produce 22 stunning ink hues that capture the intensity and majesty of oriental tattoo art. Each color has been formulated for traditional and tebori tattoo styles.The Jess Yen ink set includes one bottle of Keep It Wet. All bottles are 2 oz.