Over the years, we have mixed a lot of tattoo ink. A ridiculously huge amount of tattoo ink in a lot of unique colors. More than 300 different hues have passed through our mixing room doors and shipped to tattoo artist around the world. Those inks were worked into some truly amazing tattoo art in a wide range of styles, genres and sizes from sleeves to full body suits.

The innovations, skills, and originality we have witnessed in tattoo art is quite often, beyond belief. We have come to recognize a need to document how artists approach the ink and color used in their art. It is for that reason we created the Color Map Project. We want to reveal some of the details behind the art and share it with the tattoo community.

We reached out to several leading Eternal Ink tattoo artists to provide us with some insight on their color selections and mixes used on a few tattoos from their portfolio. Please check back often as this archive continues to expand with more tattoo styles, more artists and more color maps.