Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist
Style: Realism

Tattoo artist Levgen, aka Eugene Knysh, specializes in highly dramatic, realistic tattoos. Levgen’s background includes finishing National Medical School in Kharkov before working as surgeon dentist. In 2007, he began a parallel life tattooing and made the complete switch to the arts in 2012.

Levgen has a remarkable eye for soft and hard edges, composition and color play. His ability to capture light effects with deep color saturation and smooth transitions makes his art jump from the skin.

Levgen was born in the Ukraine, in the small city of Kupiansk. Today, when he is not a traveling guest artist, he lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.

If you tattoo from the heart, you will succeed.


Voice of Ink
Komuny Paryskiej 63a/1u, 50-452
Wroclaw, Poland