Eternal Ink does not offer factory tours because we are too busy creating ink to stop and entertain. However, if you were able to walk through our facilities you might see the following:

mixing and pouring
1. Hand-mixing and pouring - After a new ink color is formulated and approved internally by Eternal Ink staff, small batches of the new hue are mixed and distributed to a select group of tattoo artists for feedback.
Ink Production
2. Ink Production - With final approval from the Eternal Ink staff and positive feedback from our test group of tattoo artists, the new ink color is put into full production.
3. Bottles - Thousands of empty bottles ready to be loaded on the ink line and filled with color.
Fresh Ink
4. Fresh Ink - A flat of True Gold 2 oz. ink ready to be labeled for the US market.
5. Europe - This bin of Lime Green 1 oz. is about to be sorted, packed and shipped 'across the pond' to Europe.
6. Drops - An artist counting drops of Bumble Bee at a tattoo studio near you.