Rich Pineda
Eternal Ink Signature Series Artist
Style: Color Realism

Rich Pineda came to tattooing the long way around. With a lifetime of art experience behind him, Pineda found his true artistic calling as a tattoo artist at age 37. His artistic connection with painting, photography, writing, metal & wood working and music have all coalesced into a unique awareness of art forms. That experience provides Pineda with a broader approach to the design, viewpoint, content and rhythm in his tattoo art.

Pineda's understanding of color has been put into practice for decades, but it is his skilled eye for color realism that brings something extra to every tattoo portrait … more color, more saturation, and more detail ... which makes every portrait more dynamic and alive. It is that ‘extra’ element which elevates Pineda's work and makes him an extraordinary artist.

Never stop learning and you'll continue to grow.

Renaissance Studio
San Clemente, CA